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If you are needing to make repairs or replacements to parts on your Dodge, it’s crucial that you are investing in OEM components. Only OEM parts are designed with your specific Dodge vehicle in mind, meaning you’ll be getting parts that will fit perfectly and work well alongside other parts of your vehicle. You can rest assured when you’re using OEM that these are parts that have been quality tested. They are long lasting and give you consistency in quality, unlike aftermarket components. You can find the best OEM parts and accessories for your Dodge here on our site.

Back in 1900, two brothers - Horace and John Dodge - founded the Dodge Brothers Company. The company was first used to sell bikes before upgrading to supplying engines and transmissions used in the automobile industry. They designed engines and chassis that were used by Olds Motor Vehicle Company and Ford Motor Company. Their success led them to manufacture their own line of vehicles starting with the Model 30 in 1914. The company was wild successfully through the years and produced many different full-size passenger vehicles and trucks. IN the 1970’s they branched out to producing midsized models as well. Whatever Dodge model you drive, ensure you invest in OEM and browse our selection of parts below.