Dodge Charger Model Years

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Every year that it’s been produced, the Dodge Charger just gets more and more impressive. Even when it was first introduced back in the late 60s, this vehicle was showy, sporty, and absolutely gorgeous. As the years progressed, the Charger continued to evolve, truly embracing speed and power. Now, Dodge Chargers are truly the kinds of the road. The 2021 models (yes, they’re still being made!) come standard with a V6, but you can choose to upgrade them to a Hemi V8--an engine that everyone will hear coming from miles away. Even though the Charger has changed a bit over the years, and undoubtedly gotten more impressive, they still embrace the classic Charger style that was introduced back in the 60s. For a super quick, hearty driver that’s as sleek on the outside as it is on the outside, the Dodge Charger is still a favorite by many.