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The lineup of cars developed by Jeep are known for having a durable reputation. Jeeps were first introduced in the 1940’s for use in World War II. The military needed durable vehicles that could handle a range of terrains. In 1941, the brand produced the first lightweight military 4x4. Troops used this car during the war and it became known as the first mass-produced SUV. Since these cars were able to handle all kinds of terrain, they gained a reputation for being durable and were soon sought after by civilians. The first Jeep produced for civilians were known as the CJ-2A and were popular for four decades before the well-known and popular Wrangler model took their place.  The Jeep brand has produced a ton of different high-quality models throughout the years. The marque is owned now by the Fiat Chrysler Corporation. 

When you drive a Jeep, you want to ensure that you are investing in high-quality OEM components when you’re making repairs or replacements to parts. Only OEM parts are made according to manufacturer guidelines and are designed with long-lasting materials. Aftermarket parts might be cheaper upfront, but you don’t know what you’re getting. The quality can vary from part to part, and they likely won’t last long. Invest in OEM parts that will last a long time. We have a ton of OEM Jeep parts and accessories here on our site to choose from.