Ram 1500 Model Years

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One of the most iconic pickup trucks on the market today is the Ram 1500. The history of the brand itself dates back to 1981 when the Dodge brand started putting a Ram hood ornament on some of their vehicles. In 1994, the Ram received a remodel that helped changed the way that trucks were viewed. The 1998 version of the Ram 1500 had a ton of different style options as well, including the Club Cab and Quad Cab. There were several options of engine types including the 175-horsepower 3.9-liter V6 engine or two Magnum V-8 engines. There have been a ton of different generations of the Ram 1500 over the years, but the trucks have maintained their popularity on the market as being durable and powerful vehicles. You want to make sure that when you need new parts for your Ram 1500, you’re using high quality ones. When you shop here at Find Mopar Parts, you’ll have access to our inventory of OEM Ram 1500 parts and accessories that will fit your model perfectly. This way, you can make repairs or upgrades with confidence. Shop below.

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